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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Panda Latte~...


I seriously would love to try and drink a panda latte. So cute, isn't it? Since I'm a panda-lover, I guess drinking a panda latte would complete me as being a panda fan. Right? >_^

A pic of another panda latte, but it's not the one sold in Ueno
If you're wondering where to get a panda latte, it's sold at Ueno Green Saloon restaurant in Tokyo's Ueno district. All over at Japan... When am I  ever going to be there? Huhu~.. T_T Does anybody want to sponsor me a trip to Tokyo, plz???

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anisyafrina said...

lorh.. ingtkan ade kt malaysia.. kt tokyo rupenye... tp kalau ade kat malaysia ni.. confirm 10 minit lepas dapat latte ni digunakan untuk ambil gambar je :D

Nisa' Azman said...

@ani: tue la pasall, bile la kedai2 kat M'sia nie nk wat panda latte.. tringin gile nk minnum!! >_<
yup, mmg confirm snap2 pic byk2 smpi air pun jd sjuk, hehe!!

anisyafrina said...

hihi.. tau x pe.. ;)