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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Nuffnang earnings have increased...bcoz of you~!!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

When I logged into Nuffnang today, I was hepi to see that my earnings have increased! But what puzzled me is that how could I get more earnings if I don't have a new BE or ME?

Currently, there's juz 1 BE left still lingering on my blog. I do hope it stays long, hehe.. Nway, so here's what generated the increase of my earnings..

Yeah, the CPC campaigns.. I seldom look at the "Campaigns" table, I usually look at the "Buffered Earnings" & Metered Earnings" when I login to my Nuffnang account. So there you go, these CPC campaigns have helped increase my earnings, hihi~.. The ones in the green box are the latest campaigns that I have noticed since I last looked here, hehe..

Now my earnings are RM16.28. I guess I should thank all of you for visiting this dull blog of mine, eventhough nowadays I don't blog much bcoz of my studies. Thanks, domo arigatou~!!

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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tiefazatie said...

wah..untung la die..ifa dh la xde BE..CPC pun xbergerak2..sob2..

fieda said...

sama la nisa..kak fieda cek earning nuff pun terkejut arini tgk2 dah bertambah..hairan jgk sbb kak fieda takder be pun..rupanya ada campaign..nsb baik la kan..ada la sikit rezeki...

NasZ said...

wah..tahniah2. hehe.

mama tisya said...

tahniah..skit2 lama2 jd bukit

Diyana Ali said...

wahh best sgt2 laa, hee belanje ?

IntaNBerliaN said...

tahniah nisa... seronokkan makin naik earning nuff.. hihii

akupunyekisahati said...

hye,kite dh email.hope ade kali nie.sori, byk myusahkan..:)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Ifa: ala, xpe.. tp ifa kn br aje cashout ari tue.. pasnie msti akn muncul BE br. Sy nie ntah bile leh cashout..

@Kak Fieda: tue la, nsb baik ade CPC campaign tue kn.. b'grak gak la earning w/pun xde BE, hehe..

@NasZ: hehe..thanks, tp sket aje nie..

@amy: thanks ye..hihi~.. xsabo nk jd bukit.. ^_^

@yana: xcashout lg dear, so xdpt la nk blnje, hehe..

@Ina: yup, mmg sronok, b'jasa gak la CPC campaign tue dok kat blog sy nie, hehe..

@akupunyekisahati: ok, sy dh dpt email awk..thanks!!

SeputihSalju said...

tahniah nisa.. :-)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Karimah: thanks dear.. ^_^