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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My guess had made me won~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Who knew that my wild guess had made me won in a segment organised by Diyana Ali. Thanks a lot to Kak Nida, Joel & Cempaka Kuning for informing me about the win. They also won as well!

I'm no 40, hehe..

Hihi~.. I juz guessed that Diyana's fave colour is blue. Coz there are hints of blue here and there at her blog. I didn't really expect that my guess was correct! ^_^ Yatta~!!!

I actually joined this segment yesterday. So, lucky me for winning it. Thanks Diyana for organising the segment!!! BTW, do u know what's my fave colour?? >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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Diyana Ali said...

akak mesti minat warne hijau .. hee :) thanks again dear :)

IntaNBerliaN said...

nisa fanatik dgn warna hijau.. hihihii

congrate dear...

btw, arini sy g jejaln ke alor star.. xsmpat update.. ingt nk buat auto publish smlm tp tertidur.. hihii

azelyusoff said...

congrats nisa. Your fav color is GREEN!!

fieda said...

tahniah nisa..

nurul nabila bt medan said...

congrat kak :D
btw , nabila tag akk lgi utk segmen ni..hehe

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Yana: hehe..thanks to u too dear..

@Ina: leh dikatekn over-fanatik kot!! Hihi~.. dh agak dh, msti Ina gi mane2 tue, kalo x, xkn blog sunyi sepi je, hehe..

@azlini: yeah, that's rite!! ^_^

@Kak Fieda: thanks kak..

@nabila: owh, thanks nabila coz slalu tag akak.. nnti akak join ye..