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Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 more wins for me~!!!! ^_^

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Yeay~!! Alhamdulillah, luck has been on my side although I haven't been joining much contests/giveaways lately. 

I'm one of the Top 3 winners for "GA: I Love My Job" which was organised by azleyusoff. The organiser herself & Ina have both informed me about the win.

Click here for the result
Thanks, domo arigato~!! I'll be getting a RM10 topup from azleyusoff. Hehe..

If I hadn't read this entry here from Ina, I wouldn't know that all participants who joined "1st GA by Adeq Yoe" will get a name cursor for free. Adeq Yoe has already designed the cursor wif my name on it. I'll update about it later. Hehe.. Thanks Adeq Yoe~.. ^_^

Next, Perfumes Farm is generous enough to give all the partipants who have joined the "Perfumes Farm Contest" a 10% discount voucher. Here's mine~..

Click here for the result
The voucher is valid until 31 December 2011. Yeah, now I can go shopping for a perfume.. hihi~.. >_< 

And today, I won in another contest. Thanks a lot to nabila for informing me about the win. Mas a.k.a FiQ'Ra decided to choose another winner for her "Contest I'm Proud To Be A Muslimah". Her question was quite simple: what is the Rukun Nikah.

Since I'm already married, of course I know the answer. Here's what I wrote:

And surprisingly, Mas picked out my answer above all others. She said it was simple yet easy to understand. Thanks so much Mas~!! I'll be getting these prizes, I think, hehe..

shawl 2 helai, blouse sehelai, tudung sehelai

Click here for the result

So there you go... 4 wins for me this week. I'm so hepi~!!!! Hihi~.. Thanks to all the organisers of these contests/giveaways.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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Nani said...

wah!! bestnyeee...

nurul nabila bt medan said...

congrat kak ! ^^

Adeq Yoe said...

congrats !

Joel Leslie said...

congratss! that's a lot of wins! :)

Aieyn Bf said...

tahniah yea akak :)

IntaNBerliaN said...

wah.. bestnya.. hadiah dr mas tu byk.. hihii tahniah3... :-)

byk nisa mnang...

fieda said...

tahniah nisa..byk menang tu...

Nida said...

Juta-juta tahniah.. :)

nurul nabila bt medan said...

byk nyer akak menang ! congrat ^^
btw , nabila ada tag akk >

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Nani: hihi~..thanks!!

@Adeq Yoe: thanks utk cursor yg lawa tue.. ^_^

@Joel: hihi.. it's not really much as compared to other bloggers.. ^_^

@Aieyn: thanks dear~!!

@Ina: thanks Ina.. mmg syukur gak la mnang gak w/pun lame xjoin contest.. tp still xleh tanding hadiah2 yg ina mnang, hehe..

@Kak Fieda: thanks kak..

@Kak Nida: juta2 lemon thanks~!! >_<

@nabila: thanks tag akak.. nnti akak join ye.. ^_^

Syieda_Joy™ said...

tahniah nisa...^_^ suke tengok die dpt hadiah byk2...^_^

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Syieda: thanks dear..