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Monday, August 8, 2011

List of Voters for "Vote for Nisa" Lucky Draw~!! - Part I

Salam n hye everyone~!!

As I've said earlier, if you vote for me, you will get 1 name in the list. And if you make an entry about this lucky draw, you will get another name.

Plus, if your frens/famly have also voted for me, you will get more names according to the number of votes given. If you have also voted for the other pic, you'll get another name for free~... Hihihihi~... Hope you understand what I'm trying to explain here, hehe.. ">_<

Here is the list of voters for "Vote for Nisa" Lucky Draw. The names are retrieved from comments in both my blogs & also from Facebook.

1. Lelord (Lela Lelord)
2. Lelord (Lela Lelord)
3. zaikulim (zaikulim)
4. zaikulim (zaikulim)
5. deqlis (Elissmelia)
6. Cik Bunny (Fai Ercheart)
7. Cik Bunny (Fai Ercheart)
8. Cik Rose Cute (Cherosliza Chemat)
9. Cik Rose Cute (Cherosliza Chemat)
10. IntaNBerliaN (Zarina Tazari)

11. IntaNBerliaN (Zarina Tazari)
12. #ciksuzlin (ciksuzlin)
13. #ciksuzlin (ciksuzlin)
14. ayung (miszz ayung)
15. ayung (miszz ayung)
16. asiah_najihah (Asiah Najiha)
17. asiah_najihah (Asiah Najiha)
18. Cute MuM (Nurul Dania)
19. Cute MuM (Nurul Dania)
20. aNiM (Anim Seran)

21. aNiM (Anim Seran)
22. fieda (Rafidah Salleh)
23. fieda (Rafidah Salleh)
24. Cempaka Kuning (norzie hany)
25. Cempaka Kuning (norzie hany)
26. syakila (Syakila Zainun)
27. syakila (Syakila Zainun)
28. ♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ (Kak Yang)
29. ♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ (Kak Yang)
30. IBU AQIL (Roslinda Ismail)

31. IBU AQIL (Roslinda Ismail)
32. abazilah (Ainaa Bazilah)
33. abazilah (Ainaa Bazilah)
34. mamaRIFQY (Naa MamaIqy)
35. Nana (Fauzana Ismail)
36. Nana (Fauzana Ismail)
37. Fadzillah Kamarudin (Fadzillah Kamarudin)
38. Fadzillah Kamarudin (Fadzillah Kamarudin)
39. Jieda (Jie Da)
40. Jieda (Jie Da)

41. deqlis (Elissmelia)
42. deqlis (Mohamad Ismail)
43. tiefazatie (Tiefa Zatie)
44. pinkcolour82 (Nirmala Zamani)
45. pinkcolour82 (Nirmala Zamani)
46. Myra Jay (Nor Myra)
47. Myra Jay (Nor Myra)
48.Blogger نور افيره (نور افيره)
49. نور افيره (نور افيره)
50. نور افيره (عريف أصلان)

51. نور افيره  (Muhammad Shadzmir)
52. نور افيره  (‏محمد شزريزال )
53. نور افيره  (Nur Namia)
54. Ain_Suke Senyum (Nur Zur'Ain)
55. tiefazatie (Tiefa Zatie)
56. Golden Rose (Umma Sharifah)
57. Golden Rose (Umma Sharifah)
58. eB ezrin (E.b. Ezrin)
59. eB ezrin (E.b. Ezrin)
60. ~sHaR!Na~ (SHarina ELyana)

61. ~sHaR!Na~ (SHarina ELyana)
62. shidasyakirin (Norshida Hazis)
63. shidasyakirin (Norshida Hazis)
64. AkmaFaizal (Akmarwati Ab Rashid)
65. AkmaFaizal (Akmarwati Ab Rashid)
66. Idah (Rosidah Bt Semail)
67. aien~farhana (aien nuraini farhana)
68. aqishah (marissaqaisara)
69. QUEENPINK (Roszaliza Abdul Nyzam)
70. QUEENPINK (Roszaliza Abdul Nyzam)

71. QUEENPINK (Fazira Ismail)
72. QUEENPINK (Siti Khadijah Kadir)
73. QUEENPINK (Fifi Sahar)
74. QUEENPINK (Hishamuddin Yaakob)
75. QUEENPINK (Firdaus Hisham)
76. QUEENPINK (Harlina Kassim)
77. QUEENPINK (Sharah Ibrahim)
78. QUEENPINK (Sharifah Abu Salem)
79. QUEENPINK (Nor Azleen Rashid)
80. QUEENPINK (Nurul Azwa Bakar)

81. Zalina (Zalina Ghazali)
82. Zalina (Zalina Ghazali)
83. abazilah (Ainaa Bazilah)
84. Fadzillah Kamarudin (Fadzillah Kamarudin)
85. Golden Rose (Umma Sharifah)
86. IntaNBerliaN (Zarina Tazari)
87. aNiM (Anim Seran)
88. tiefazatie (Tiefa Zatie)
89. fieda (Rafidah Salleh)

90. AkmaFaizal (Akmarwati Ab Rashid)
91. QUEENPINK (Roszaliza Abdul Nyzam)
92. نور افيره (نور افيره)
93. Nina Zee (Nina Zee)
94. Nina Zee (Sarifah Noraini)
95. Nina Zee (Nina Zee)
96. Nina Zee (Nina Zee)
97. Nina Zee (Sarifah Noraini)
98. MaryamJamilah (Ai Cullen)
99. MaryamJamilah (Ai Cullen)
100. MaryamJamilah (Mia Qaisara)

If your name's not here, don't worry. There's a Part II of this list coming right up!! ^_^

Plz vote for me~!!
"Vote for Nisa" Lucky Draw
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NASUHA said...

Nasuha said...

Saya dah buat semua yang akk suruh!

Wish me luck :D

id follower : Chocolate

id facebook : Nurnasuha Fadzil

link :

August 3, 2011 7:12 PM

saya dah lah kak..tkde pun nme sye?

IntaNBerliaN said...

nama saya ada.. hihii :-)

Nisa' Azman said...

@Nasuha: sori dear, lupe lak nk mention, nie br part 1 list, ade part 2 lg.. ur name dlm part 2, hehe..

@Ina: of course, hehe.. XP

asiah_najihah said...

nama asiah ade..(^_^)

AkmaFaizal said...

wah ramainye. ok dh ade dlm senarai.. :)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Akma: result dh kuar dh la, hehe..

jmput join lucky draw yg br ye.. ^_^