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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shea Syahirah & Yanny Live on WHI~!!!

Do you know who these 2 lovely girls are? Yes, they are Shea Syahirah & Yanny, well-known fashionistas in Malaysia. Don't know them yet? Well, head on to their blogs (juz click on their names), and you'll instantly see why they're called fashionistas, hihi~...

Shea is actually one of my besfrens from secondary school. (And I call her Cia, btw). She & Yanny have started a fashion business. It's called Pastelina. (click2, hihi~...)

The clothes are partly designed by them, and partly are from their fave brands. If you want clothes chosen by these fashionistas, go to Pastelina now! ^_^ The clothes sold out pretty fast, which shows that their products are soooooo good! Below are some pics of the clothes sold.


Ok, so now to tell you more about the title of this entry. Pastelina will be featured on TV3's Wanita Hari Ini (WHI) this coming Monday. Yes, they're on live TV!!! 

It's not the first time, actually. They've been on Safiyyah at TV9 before. They're getting great exposure, I'm so proud of them both!

So...if you are a fashion lover, esp a muslimah fashion lover, then you might wanna sit in front of the TV this coming Monday morning. Coz I will! support for my dear fren Cia, hihi~..

Ok then, gotta go back studying for my exams, huhu~... T_T Happy blogging & thanks a bunch for reading~... >_<

-- Note: all pics are copyrights of My Amethyst, Bows and a Rose & Pastelina.

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ishiko said...

yeah... nice..
xthu smpat x, nk tgk.. on monday got lots of progrm..

Nisa' Azman said...

@ishiko: hehe.. xpe, saje nk wat iklan kat sni, promote kwn sndir, hehe..