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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ziana Zain spoke to me~!!!!

Salam n hye everyone..

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Ok, to blabber on about my post title. Yes, Ziana Zain, the well-known female singer in Malaysia, did speak to me yesterday evening.

FYI, Ziana's parents live in the same residential area as my parents. (For those who don't know, yes, I'm staying at my parents' house in Shah Alam.) Actually, Ziana's parents' house is quite near to our house, juz 1 street away.

Yesterday, I went out wif Hannah for our evening walk. (we occasionally do so sometimes, hehe..) After around 30 minutes of walking, we bumped into Ziana's twins & her maid. The twins, Kaseh & Ariel, are already frens wif Hannah, they usually go out for evening walks together.

All of us started walking back home, arriving at Pak Zain's house first as it was nearer. Then a white car came by, and suddenly Kaseh started to cry. Why? Bcoz her mother and family were in the car. Ziana's hubby stopped the car & Ziana wif her other 2 sons, Aiman & Ammar went out of the car.

Ziana then asked me "umur brape tahun nie?" (trans: "how old is she" - referring to Hannah). I said 2 years old. Hannah & the twins are of the same year, only that the twins were born on July. Ziana the said that Hannah seemed quite big compared to her twins. (I totally agree, hehe..)

Ziana's hubby piped in by saying, "mesti banyak makan nie.." (trans: "she must have eaten a lot") - which is kinda true, hihi~... >_<

After that, Hannah bid farewell to her frens, Kaseh & Ariel, who sent flying kisses back at my daughter. Hannah & I walked back home after that, feeling overwhelmed that a famous singer would actually want to talk wif me.. ">_<

Ziana looked a bit different in person. Well, without all her extravaganza make-up, it makes sense that she looked different than on TV, rite? But she was taller than me, of course! One thing I have to say, she loves her children very very much, juz like all motehrs do. ^_^

Ziana & Anuar Zain & all their other siblings occasionally come to their parents' house. Sometimes we can hear them singing.. Hehe~.. XP

Now..juz imagine if I could meet wif Anuar Zain in person.. That would be a totally awesome experience!!!!!! ^_^ He's my fave singer! But I still haven't the chance to see him in person yet, despite all the years I've been here. "-_-

Ok, that's all for now. Do join in my lucky draw. Happy blogging!!!

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Joel Leslie said...

wow, ziana zain ? woahh, i like her voice :) and anuar zain's too ;D you're so lucky to actually talk (even though for a split second) hihihi ~