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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Won 2 consolation prizes~!!!

Hihi~... I got to know that I won 2 consolation prizes earlier today.

The 1st one is from Contest April.
I'm one of the 20 consolation prize winners. What did I get? The contest owner will click all of the ads in my blog, hehe.. And I also got this special banner.

As for the second consolation prize, it is from I Love My _______ Contest by Nini D. Actually, all contestants are winners. Nini is giving out cute gifts for every contestant who has participated in the contest.

If you have participated in it too, then click on the pic below, coz we have to give our details to Nini. ^_^

I would like to say THANKS a bunch to both contest owners who have generously selected me to receive the consolation prizes.

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