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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More B'day gifts for Hannah~!!

Although it is past her b'day, but Hannah still received b'day gifts. ^_^

My classmate, Steffi, has generously bought a toy for Hannah, to make up for not being able to attend Hannah's b'day party the other day. Here's the educational toy Steffi gave:

It's a toy clock, that can teach Hannah how to tell the time.

The card stuck on the gift, hehe..

Hannah loves playing with the toy clock. She plays it quite often nowadays, hihi~... ^_^

The next gift Hannah received is from Ummi. Previously, my mom has bought a ball for Hannah. And now, Ummi is kind enough to buy a pair of Crocs shoes as another b'day gift for Hannah.

I would like to say thanks a lot to Steffi, Ummi and Yana who have kindly bought presents for my daughter. I'm juz waiting to see what Hubby will buy for his cute girl, hihi~... >_<

Thanx for reading & happy blogging!

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Mama Zharfan said...

happy birthday to ur cute girl :)

tq sbb alertkan me psl result contest tu :)

nak mintak tlg vote kalau free

JOM vote MZ kalau sudi!

Nia said...

comel2 hadiahnya,..macam Hannah jugak..hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

@MZ: hehe..xpe, kite kn kwn blogger.. same2 menolong aa.. Owh ye, sy dh vote dh ari tue, gud luck!

@Nia: hehe..thanx!!!! ^_^ and thanx gak sudi visit sini...