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Saturday, September 3, 2011

We both got duit raya~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

How is your Eid celebration? Hope no one has lost a finger due to playing fireworks...hihi~... But I'm sure most people have gained 1 kg or more during this festive season.. (coz I have!!! >_<)

How much duit raya did you get? Hannah's is now RM150++. A bit lower than the money she got from last year's Eid, but not to worry, there are still more houses to visit. Besides, in Malaysia, we celebrate Eid for one whole month!! ^_^

Like last year, I also got duit raya, hihi~... This is the best part of being a young mother who is still a uni student. ^_^ Although what I got is not as much as Hannah's duit raya, but I'm still grateful that some of my aunts & uncles still give me duit raya.

There's not much pics snapped this Eid. That's bcoz my family's camera is faulty!! (Yeah, of all times, why on Eid???) So these are juz a few of pics for you to see..

My big family.. This is Ummi's part of the family. But not everyone is in the pic. Yup, there are a lot more cousins, aunts & uncles who are not in the pic.

This is me with my cute daughter Hannah. Owh yeah, and also our pet kitten, Mr Cooper. If you haven't noticed, we're wearing the same baju kurung!! ^_^ Specially tailored for Eid, hihi~...

Hannah wif Uncle Aslam & her cousins Nayli & Aleesya

I'd like to wish all of my followers, readers & blogger friends a Happy Raya day~!! Do come to my house if you're nearby. ^_^

I'd also like to say THANKS to all those who wished me on my b'day last Thursday. Although everyone must be busy wif Eid, my frens still took time to wish me, thanks again! I received a lot of b'day wishes on Facebook, in this blog & via SMS as well.

Even my BFF - the super busy Cia a.k.a Shea Syahirah didn't forget my b'day~!! That's what frens are for, right? Hihi~... ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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IntaNBerliaN said...

Eppy belated bzday nisa.. lmbat wish :-)

Saya pun tak byk gambar raya.. suruh org ambik tp tak caantik pulak.. hihii

wah byk jugak duit raya hannah.. duit raya alisha 400++ tu pun sbb balik trg.. family br nak kenal alisha..

btw.. suka tgk hannah.. comel je.. suka dagu dia.. 2 2 gambar nisa n hannah.. CANTIK!!

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Ina: thanks again dear~!!! Biase la, time raye, kite sibuk nk mkn, amik duit raye, borak2 n posing utk xigt nk amik pic sndri, ngehehe..

wah2..duit raye Alish lg byk eh.. dpt la blikn die mcm2 nnti.. sy br aje bli mainan utk Hannah gne duit raye die, hihi..

thanks.. Hannah comel tue ikut sy kot..haha..(juz kidding~)