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Saturday, September 10, 2011

One of my BEs is now an ME~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I had a little bit of trouble logging into Nuffnang earlier today. Huhu~..

Like I said before, I have 4 BEs all together.. (click here to read about it). Unfortunately, 1 of my BEs, which is my only Grapevine BE, is now an ME.

Even though I only got 94 sen for the ad, but I guess that's OK for my 1st ME, hehe.. I hope my other BEs will stay longer on my blog. >_< Plz, Nuffnang~??

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Plz vote for my family~!!

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fieda said...

masyukk tu...bkn sng2 nk dpt kan...??

IntaNBerliaN said...

okla tu.. byk jugak tu.. nanti2 BE yg lain akn jd lg byk la... hihii

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Kak Fieda: hehe..btul2.. mmg xsnang nk dpt BE nie..

@Ina: hehe.. thanks for the supprot eh dear.. ^_^