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Monday, January 17, 2011

An Early 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Actually, my 3rd wedding anniversary is on 24th January 2011. But, I got a huge SURPRISE from dear Hubby who came to KL last Thursday, juz to see me & celebrate our anniversary. He decided to celebrate it early as he might be busy during the real date of our anniversary.

We stayed at a hotel in KL for 3 nights. Baby Hannah was left at Ummi's house, as we wanted to spend time together, juz the two of us. ^_^ Hubby was so generous to spend his hard earned money for this special occasion. He bought for me a white charm bracelet & a purple shirt. Hubby didn't forget his little daughter, so he also bought stuff for her: a pair of BUM shoes, a pair of slippers with cute yellow ducks, plus a stripey pink shirt. I insisted that Hubby should also buy things for him too, so I chose a pair of white-coffee Camel shoes for him, while he bought a stripey purple t-shirt, to match with my purple one.

To many couples, I suppose, they would celebrate anniversaries in lavish restaurants and the such. But for us, we're quite okay dining at simple eateries. We dined at several places during the 4 days, at the typical fast-food restaurants, at mamak stalls, and even at a food court. I guess that since I'm not working (as I'm still studying) & Hubby's salary is enough for us lead a simple & happy life, we had to dine at those typical & reasonably priced eateries. I do desire very much to eat in an expensive restaurant one day, but that will have to wait. >_^

For me, this is the best anniversary celebration so far! I had a great time, enjoyable plus romantic too. We plan to go to Genting some time this year, with Baby Hannah of course. I hope we can get to go there, so I'll pray very hard then! >_< Hihi..

*P/s: Sori for the lack of pics, we still haven't bought a camera.


Syuhadah Mansor said...

wah lg best 3 hari 3 malam celebrate anniversary..besh2! hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

hehe..yup, mmg best pun.. ^_^ well, name pun wedding anniversary, msti la celebrate lame sket, hihi.. XP