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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unity is all around us

Today is Malaysia's 53rd Independence Day (Hari Kemerdekaan). This year's theme is "1Malaysia" - which is about unity among all the races in the country. Our Prime Minister is always encouraging us Malaysians to live up to the spirit of 1Malaysia. But I think, unity is actually all around us, maybe we just didn't notice it.

When I was studying in Negri Sembilan Matriculation College (Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan a.k.a KMNS), my friends & I were always together, and my friends were not just Malays, some were Chinese too (one friend was a Chinese Sabahan). There were 8 of us, we never failed to celebrate the birthdays of each & every one of us.

During the fasting month, my Chinese friends, Pei Nie & Wan Jing, even joined my Malay friends & I to break fast together. At one time, Pei Nie even tried to fast as well!!! She was not a Muslim, yet she wanted to know what it felt like to fast like all the other Muslims.

Subconciously, we are all united, no matter what race or religion the people around us are. That is simply bcoz Malaysia is a multiracial country. It is hard to not have contact with people of other races, you would have to live in a very remote place then if you say you have no friends or acquantainces of another race/religion. Well, that's what I think! ^_^

My KMNS frens & I are always together

My Chinese frens even sport the traditional baju kurung during the Eid celebrations in KMNS

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