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Monday, August 30, 2010

Can't wait for Friday to come~!!

My best friends (or in my style of writing, "besfrens") from school & I have arranged to break our fast together this coming Friday. Yeah~!!! ^_^

It has been years since I last saw & met them. They are my dearest frens!! They are Tirah, Kak Long, Mcyum, Shea Rasol & Syud. We have been besfrens since I was in Form that's like 9 years already, wow~... My fren Mcyum has juz came back to Malaysia after studying in Manipal, India for 2 n 1/2 years. So this gathering is also to celebrate her coming back home. I've missed u, Mcyum!! Well, I've missed all of u girls a lot, too~!! >_<

The sad news is that Tirah will not be attending as she has exams coming soon. Let's juz hope that I get to meet her at my school fren's wedding in September.

Owh dear, what ever am I going to wear this Friday? I don't have that much pretty clothes, this is really gonna be a problem. Of course I would want to look my best for my besfrens after years of not seeing them. Let's see...I have 3 days to rummage through my wardrobe, hope that I eventually find that perfect blouse! ">_^


syud said...

jgn pakai cantik2, kita pakai buruk2 je.haha, cia yg akan pakai cantik2 pun best jugak suh cia tgkap gmbr byk2 nanti dia masuk dlm blog blh tumpang glemer..hehehhe

Nisa' Azman said...

wei, bj kite sumer xlawa2 sgt pun, plus kite xde byk blouse pun, huhu~.. T_T ha'ah la, leh tumpang glamour kat blog cia nnti. Srh la die bwk kamera die eh.. =P