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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gosh, it's my 22nd Birthday~!!

Today's my 22nd birthday... I'm getting old already, didn't quite notice that! But at least I'm grateful coz at the age of 22, I'm now not juz a daughter & a university student, I'm a wife & a mother too~!!! It's wonderful when I think of it, actually.. >_^

I received a lot of b'day wishes from my frens on Facebook. My hubby & I will be celebrating my b'day this Friday after I meet my frens.

Truth is, I love SEPTEMBER!! Coz my hubby's b'day is also on Sept, on the 27th to be exact.. Sept juz seems to be the most perfect month!
My former schoolmate is also celebrating her b'day today.. So HePi B'DaY to the both of us!!!

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