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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inspired by GREEN~!!

Since I was in primary school, my favourite colour is green. I like all shades of green, you name it. And bcoz of that, I have many things which are green. Here is a list of them:

  • This blog~!!!!
  • My bedroom in my mother's house - the curtains, the walls...
  • My bathroom - the tiles, the window blinds..
  • My toothbrush & mouthwash
  • Most of my blouses & baju kurung -  for Eid (Hari Raya), I've bought a green-and-white baju kebaya~.... ^_^
  • Tudung (or hijab, shawl or whateva you call it) - I've got many, but I only use 2.."-_-
  • My clothes hanger
  • My old pencil box - it's worn out now, my current pencil box is blue, didn't have a choice while buying at that time
  • Pens & highlighters
  • My scissors & stapler - well, I've lost my green stapler though, now using my dad's blue one..
  • My nail clipper & nail file
  • My pouch - which I put my lipgloss, eyeliner & compact mirror in it
  • My bags - which I don't use anymore bcoz they're tattered, but I still keep them
  • My file folders & notebooks
  • What else? ermmm...
Well, that's all of them, I guess. I'll juz add to the list later if I have other green stuff. Next is a list of what i would like to have in the future that consists of green:

  • My own car - doesn't matter what brand, as long as its green
  • A pair of green shoes - nearly bought a green pair 2 weeks ago but it was out of stock.. "-_-
  • A green laptop

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