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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 Months of Pain & Happiness~...

As you all may not know, I got married on 24th January 2008. Soon after, I became pregnant on August of the same year. This was quite unexpected as my hubby & I were not thinking of having a baby at that time, since I'm still studying. But it was God's will, so we accepted it, happily + nervously.

Being pregnant while still a student is quite a challenge. At that time, my hubby worked in Kelantan, so I rented a flat unit with some friends near to UM. All the walking here n there throughout the campus really helped as excercise is encouraged while pregnant. Thank God, I had no morning sickness or allergies or even cravings like other pregnant women have.

To make things easier, I registered to give birth at the UM hospital (PPUM). I dreamt the baby was a boy, while my hubby dreamt it was a girl. Nearing the 6th month of pregnancy, the doc told me that my baby is probably a girl.

On the day that the baby was expected to come out (22nd April), I was having my final exams for the semester. I felt nothing strange whatsoever, n attended for the exam without worrying that I might have contractions in the exam hall.

That same night (around 2 a.m), I awoke from my sleep as my stomach ached. I thought I needed to use the bathroom, but after 2 times going there yet nothing came out, I panicked. I was staying at my mom's house at that time, so I called for her (well, actually I yelled for her ">_<).

We quickly rushed to PPUM, my dad driving as fast as he could. When we arrived, I was wheelchaired into the labour room, n put onto the bed. A nurse said to me, "Bagus betul adik nie, datang hospital terus nak beranak, tak payah tunggu lama2". ^_^

Exactly at 3.40 a.m on 23rd April 2009, my cute baby girl was born into this world. We named her Nur Hannah Husna which means "cahaya kasih sayang yang lawa & baik". My hubby chose Nur n Husna, while my mom picked out Hannah - obviously influenced by the Disney series 'Hannah Montana' which was quite famous (n still is) at that time.

Newborn baby

After we shaved her head

Her recent pic


syud said...

ohh baru tahu kisah nye kawen bila..hahha..nanti g bukak pose bawak hannah skali k..

Nisa' Azman said...

hihi... bwk hannah? ok, tgk la nnti camne.. ^_^

IntaNBerliaN said...

senangnya nisa bersalin yer.. dahlah alahan xda.. mmg lucky la nisa ni.. mg2 lps ni nisa dpt abby boy pulak :-)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Ina: insya-Allah, kalo leh, mmg nk anak lg, n arap2 boy lak.. amin.. ^_^