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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winners of "Vote for Hannah" Lucky Draw~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

My lucky draw has now ended. Thanks to all of you who have voted for Hannah's pic. I really appreciate all of your votes. ^_^

Now, let's get on with the winner results then. For the list of voters, plz click here.

As seen in the pic above, the tin contains 66 pieces of paper. And I have picked out 3 pieces. Who are the lucky winners?

5. MamaRifqy (Naa MamaIqy)

37. meoww cat (Izzara Itazzi)

27. PinkUmmi (Aina Auni)

Plus, the person who has contributed the most votes is also entitled to receive a gift from me. Let's see who it is..

(6 votes)


To all the winners, plz email me at with the subject title "Winner of Vote for Hannah Lucky Draw". Include your name, address & phone number as well. Email me a.s.a.p as I want to post the prizes next week.

For those who weren't lucky, don't be sad. I've organised a new lucky draw. Come & join now!! ^_^

Plz vote for me~!!

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PinkUmmi said...

PU dh sent detail...
tq :)

Nia said...

oo,..boleh vote byk kali ke?

Nisa' Azman said...

@PU: ok, dh trime dh ur email..

@Nia: hehe..boleh, tp kne vote gune acc FB lain la, hihi~.. XP

mamaRIFQY said...

ALhamdulillah..Tq dear!! and also thanxx sbb inform..salam perkenalan ya...jap g me emel detail

meoww cat said...

Alhamdulillah...dapat rezeki kat sini....

MC dah send detail..

meoww cat said...

salam nisa...hadiah dah selamat sampai..cantik sgt..nnt saya wat entry yer,,skrg ni x smpat ag nak snap gmbar..

MaryamJamilah said...

thanks untuk perhargaan itu ^_^