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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm the June Giveaway Winner~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I thought I wouldn't be winning anything this month. Other bloggers, such as Kak Nida, IntaNBerliaN, Kak Atie etc were so lucky at winning in many contests & giveaways, that I thought my luck had ran out.

Thanks to IntaNBerliaN for generously informing me about the win. ^_^ If it hadn't been for her, I might have not known about it. A big THANK YOU to dear Ina~...

Previously, I didn't win in Dura Fashion's May Giveaway.. It was only 2 weeks ago that I bought an innerscarf from Dura Fashion with the gift voucher that I received for participating in the previous giveaway. (Click here to read about it) But look! I'm the June Giveaway winner now, hihi~... ^_^

Click the pic for the results
 Thanks a bunch to Nanie for choosing me as the winner. Really can't wait to get the Full Satin Hijab (which is exclusively pricey & exceptionally beautiful!!!)

I'll write an entry about the hijab after I've received it, OK? Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!! ^_^

Plz vote for Hannah~!!

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IntaNBerliaN said...

tahniah.. bestnya dpt hijab satin.. sy xperasan pulak dura fashion ada wat GA.. hihii

apa2 pun tahniah tau...

nEa FleriDa / nIL said...

wah3 best tu.. tahniah dear

tiefazatie said...

wah..bestnya..tahniah darl!hihi..murah rezeki..

aNiM said...

tahniah :)

nak kena join july giveaway pulak lepas ni, hihi.

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: la..ina xtau eh dura fashion wat GA ari tue? camne lak Ina leh tau announcement result nie? hehe..xpe2, nnti sy inform la kat ina if ade GA lg..^_^

@nel: hehe, thanks..

@ifa: thanks dear.. hope slalu muraj rezeki, hihi~.. >_<

@anim: ha'ah..mmg kne join pun nnti..

IntaNBerliaN said...

kebetulan je tu nisa.. saya mmg dah follow ms May GA.. terperasan entry winner tu.. sekali tgk nama nisa..

tumpag seronok pulak.. sbb nisa kan suka pakai shawl.. hihii.. okla tu, inner cover neck dah ada, ni dpt shawl pulak.. wah bestnya.. tahniah lg skali tau.. :-)

haa tu la, lenkali kalu ada buat lg, tag ina ek.. hihii..

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: hehe..dlu xsuke pun pakai shawl, hubby yg srh pakai mule2..then lame2 suke lak pakai shawl, hihi~.. ^_^

ha'ah, btul aa ckp ina.. leh aa sy pakai shawl tue ngan inner neck ari tue kn? hehe.. yup, msti akn tag ina nnti if Dura Fashion wat GA lg..